We’re joining YCombinator’s 2018 Startup School!

We're joining YCombinator's 2018 Startup School!
We’re proud to call ourselves a startup. Yes, we’ve been in business for seven years, but we still operate like a scrappy startup: We fearlessly experiment with new projects, especially when it comes to marketing and this very blog. On top of that, we’re entirely bootstrapped and have never taken venture capital (VC) funding, which we’re proud of. We're building a VPS provider that’s focused on you, not VCs. But we’re still looking for the next big thing that will vault us into the realm of the established (and overpriced!) VPS provider landscape, all without doing nasty things like overselling. That’s why we’re so excited to be joining YCombinator’s 2018 Startup School at the top-tier advisor track. The 10-week program, which starts today, will give us access to an incredible breadth of resources. We just might form relationships with other founders and companies that could benefit both you and us well into the future. We’ll be able to hop into a private forum for the Startup School founders and gain access to some founder-only deals on services. Plus, just look at the cirriculum! The chance to win $10,000 in equity-free funding at the program’s end is a nice touch,
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