SSD Nodes launches European data center!

Europe here we come...

It's now official-- as of today, you can deploy your websites and apps from Frankfurt, Germany with SSD Nodes.

And...believe it or not... you played a big part in that decision.

Over the past year, we've made an effort to start asking more questions of our users and our blog visitors. To find out what they really want out of a hosting company. And what we can do to improve the SSD Nodes experience.

And one thing consistently floated to the top of the list...

"A data center location in Europe."

You spoke. We listened.

And not only did we open a new location, but we're also rolling out our Performance VPS lineup to Frankfurt-- giving us a second worldwide location with blazing-fast servers backed by next-generation storage.

Our customers have been thrilled with they eye-watering speeds of our NVMe powered lineup so we're excited to be expanding it into Europe.

Now, for the best part...

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...we want to get this location up and running fast.

So, for the next 24 hours you can get our best prices ever on our most popular plans. At ALL of our locations.

We're talking a 16GB Performance VPS with 160GB of NVMe storage and 4 cores for $99/year!

Really, the prices are incredible (and our prices are already the best out there).

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