A slightly newer face for Serverwise

A slightly newer face for Serverwise
Our CEO Matt is an advocate for the idea of implementing a new project about 80% of the way, deploying it, learning, and then iterating until it’s finished. Even though most everything is never actually finished. In this blog’s case, it was more about 25% right followed by constant iteration. Now and then, we launch something some more significant changes. In early September I deployed perhaps the most radical change in the Serverwise blog since its deployment. Let’s talk quickly about what’s changed.

Back to a more robust framework

We first migrated the blog from HubSpot (yikes) over to Wordpress, I found the Milligram CSS framework, which touts itself as “minimalist.” At 2KB when gzipped, it’s undoubtedly quite small and is pretty easy to get the hang of, but it also didn’t provide enough support when trying to rapidly develop new ways of organizing our content. I’m willing to admit I was misusing Milligram, but I ended up having to write a dozen lines of additional code for nearly every major element to account for responsiveness. And because it was all one-off @media screen and (max-width: 960px) ... code, both the breakpoints and the changes they made were inconsistent. I have since transitioned to Bulma, which is more extensive and far more opinionated (I don’t love seeing !important in Firefox’s inspector tool), but also far
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