Quick Tip: See yesterday’s Git progress at a glance

Inspired by the daily “standup” meetings that many businesess now engage in, git-standup helps developers recall, at a glance, what work they committed to a given git repository the day before.

That’s why Kamran Ahmed developed git-standup to help easily review what he did, rather than searching through GitHub heatmaps or using git log.

You can install via curl and piping to Bash, or using npm.

$ curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kamranahmedse/git-standup/master/installer.sh | sudo sh
$ npm install -g git-standup

To check all your personal developments from the previous day, just use git standup. It even works with multiple repositories in the same directory.

20170331_gitstandup.gifYou can also use a number of flags to customize the output.

# Show commits from 5 days ago
$ git standup -d 5

# Show commits from John Doe
$ git standup -a "John Doe"

# Show all Jane Doe's commits from 5 days ago
$ git standup -a "Jane Doe" -d 5

git-standup is developed by Kamran Ahmed, and is licenced under an MIT licence. Source code is available on GitHub.