Cheap Cloud Hosting Price Comparison: DigitalOcean vs. Linode vs. Vultr vs. Amazon Lightsail vs. SSD Nodes vs. Many Others

Whew! That's quite a tough headline to swallow. But choosing the right cloud hosting provider for your next virtual private server (VPS) shouldn't be difficult, too. Sometimes, it just comes down to price. Whether you're a cash-strapped student or just someone who wants to run a few essential applications without emptying our your wallet, you're in luck—there are a lot of low-cost options these days. That's why we're breaking down a bunch of 1GB RAM KVM plans in this new cloud hosting price comparison.

Some essential notes about the competitors

All options are unmanaged. An unmanaged hosting service means that you have to install applications and administer the server yourself.

All offer full root access via SSH.

These are KVM plans. KVM offers more flexibility than other options, like OpenVZ, but comes at a slight cost increase. Still, we recommend KVM for most users.

You can choose your operating system. At the very least, each of these providers offers Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS.

The prices listed are the cheapest possible options. For some providers, the billing cycle is monthly, and for others, the billing cycle is early. You have to decide whether signing up for an extended commitment is worth an evitably lower price over the same period.

Sorting is random! Don't just think that one side of a given chart is better/cheaper than another. Make sure you take a look at all the prices to get the full picture.

Onto the comparisons: 1GB RAM plans

Most hosting providers delineate their packages by the amount of RAM offered. It's an easy way to speak, in more general terms, about the capacity of one VPS plan over another. A 1GB RAM VPS is great for an entry-level user who is starting to learn about administering a Linux server, or for those who want to host a simple website or two with minimal overhead.

Some of these providers have even smaller plans—we're talking 256MB or 512MB of RAM—but we're not covering them here. We can't recommend these low-RAM plans because they will struggle with even simple applications (see: The Memory Question: How Much RAM Does My VPS Need?).

Think about it this way—your computer probably has 4 or 8GB of RAM. Why would you settle for just 1/8, or 1/16 of that, in your server?

Price RAM Storage Transfer
DigitalOcean $10 1GB 30GB SSD 2TB
Linode $5 1GB 20GB SSD 1TB
Vultr $5 1GB 25GB SSD 1TB
Amazon Lightsail $10 1GB 30GB SSD 2TB
DreamHost $15 1GB 30GB SSD Unlimited1
RamNode $5 1GB 20GB2 2TB
BuyVM $20 1GB 100GB2 5TB
HostSailor $6.99 1GB 120GB 8TB
Virmach $5.00 1GB 20GB SSD 1TB
BudgetNode $11.99 1GB 30GB SSD 2TB
SSD Nodes $5.753 8GB 40GB SSD 4TB

1 While anything unlimited sounds great, be sure to examine the details of this arrangement—it might not be as good as you think.

2 Storage type is either unknown or is labeled to be SATA. SSD disks are many times faster than SATA, so we recommend it for the best I/O performance.

3When billed yearly.


You might be wondering, at this point, which of these providers is the best. It's almost impossible to say for any given person, or application, which provider is best, but it's always good to research how long the provider has been around, and how people have reacted to things like customer service.

We've posted two previous comparisons as well—Vultr vs. Digital Ocean vs. Linode vs. SSD Nodes and RamNode vs. OVH vs. HostUS vs. Dediserve vs. SSD Nodes—to give you even more information about the best cheap cloud hosting provider for your needs.

If SSD Nodes' low cost appeals to you—and we have speed to boot—feel free to try us out. Unlike most other cloud hosting providers, we offer a 14-day refund guarantee.

Check out our pricing, with plans for every need, including our new 1GB Mini plan, which is an excellent introduction into the world of VPSs, and KVM.

2017-10-03: Added three new providers—HostSailor, Virmach, and BudgetNode—in addition to a superscript on SSD Nodes pricing.

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