Marc Chartouny

Forged experience in Projects Management alongside Customer Support & Quality Assurance responsibilities, in both online & offline environments serving multiethnic clientele. Love for perfectionism & dedication, alongside creating & enforcing processes & policies... with sprinkles of creativity!

Featured && Self-Hosting | Oct 04, 2021 | By Marc Chartouny | 9 min read

SSD Nodes – 1 Click Apps

In this document, you will discover our newest 1 Click Apps we offer on our SSD Nodes platform, along with their purpose, how they benefit you, and other sub-applications that …

Tutorials | Sep 23, 2021 | By Marc Chartouny | 10 min read

How To Build a Cloud-Hosted Ecommerce Store With OpenCart (SSD NODES)

Ever dreamt of having your own eCommerce site, having the flexibility of customizing it entirely, and actually launching the business you always wanted to… but couldn’t for so many reasons? …