Kyle Morton

Kyle Morton

Kyle is a nerd of nerds, ready to translate your tech problems into actionable plans. Although he spends most his time learning, doing, and teaching technology, you can still find him rolling polyhedral dice and slaying dragons and tackling dungeons every other weekend.

Development && Tutorials && Uncategorized | Aug 22, 2019 | By Kyle Morton | 6 min read

How to install NodeJS on Ubuntu 18.04 (Tutorial)

NodeJS has quickly become an extremely popular technology for hosting dynamic applications on the internet. It allows the functionality and power of JavaScript to run as a back-end language, opening …

Tutorials | Aug 05, 2019 | By Kyle Morton | 7 min read

How to use Nginx as a reverse proxy with SSL (Tutorial)

Nginx is a powerful tool. It allows you to serve multiple apps, websites, load-balance applications and much more. All that flexibility is powered by a relatively simple configuration system that …