Tutorial: Installing Wordpress on LEMP and Ubuntu 16.04

Posted by Joel Hans on March 27, 2017

If you’ve been following along with our previous tutorials on setting up SSH authentication and then installing a basic LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP) stack on Ubuntu 16.04, you’re completely set up start putting content online.

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Quick Tip: Using Aliases for Good

Posted by Joel Hans on March 24, 2017

In Bash, the default Unix shell on most Linux systems, you can save yourself a little bit of time and typing effort by using the alias command to create some shortcuts. Typically, Linux admins set up some custom aliases for tasks they do repeatedly, or take a long time to type in.

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Topics: Bash, Linux administration

5 VPS Tools to Get Your Startup Humming

Posted by Joel Hans on March 22, 2017


We probably don’t need to spend any time convincing you why a VPS is the better choice for your startup over shared hosting with one of the big, impersonal players out there. With a VPS, you get more choice, better speed, and the ability to do whatever work you need to grow your business.

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Tutorial: Enabling Two-Factor Authentication with SSD Nodes

Posted by Joel Hans on March 20, 2017

Here at SSD Nodes, we can’t recommend enough that our customers turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) as soon as they create their account and launch their first virtual private server (VPS).

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How To: Secure Your VPS with One Simple Password Trick

Posted by Joel Hans on March 17, 2017

Most people who operate a VPS understand one of the fundamentals of password best practices: never use the same password in more than one location.

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Worry Not: Our Hobbies Are Safe from AI

Posted by Joel Hans on March 15, 2017

A recent thread over at Reddit’s webdev subreddit asked a relatively common question these days: “Is web dev in danger of being replaced by AI (serious)”. The post’s creator cited an article from Futurism article from Futurism as evidence for the impending end of web development.

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Tutorial: Installing Nginx, MySQL, PHP (LEMP) on Ubuntu 16.04

Posted by Joel Hans on March 13, 2017

A virtual private server (VPS) is most often used to host dynamic websites and applications. This requires installing and configuring a web server.

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Quick Tip: Know Your Linux Server Shutdowns

Posted by Joel Hans on March 10, 2017

Every once in a while, you’ll need to either shutdown or reboot your virtual private server (VPS). Whether it’s completely expected or because of some major issue that can’t be resolved otherwise, you’ll want to know some best practices before it becomes necessary.

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What is RAID 10, and How Does it Help Your VPS?

Posted by Matt Connor on March 08, 2017

Maybe you've seen it right on our front page—we're proud of the RAID 10 configuration found on every server that helps SSD Nodes hum along, which "offers both tremendous speed and maximum file redundancy." We truly believe it's a critical aspect of a high-performing SSD-based hosting experience.

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Topics: backups, storage, RAID 10

Tutorial: Setting Up and Securing SSH-Based Authentication

Posted by Joel Hans on March 06, 2017

As soon as your new virtual private server (VPS) is partitioned, you’ll probably want to log in and get started. Whether you want to install Apache/nginx and host your very own website, use it as an educational tool, or host your startup’s SaaS application, you’ll want to not only make accessing it on a regular basis easier, but also more secure.

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