2100% Growth: SSD Nodes' CEO on 6 Years in Business

Posted by Joel Hans on October 19, 2017

A few weeks ago, Matt Connor, the CEO of SSD Nodes, and I stumbled across a number that impressed even us: since the beginning of 2016, SSD Nodes has grown its user base by 2100%.

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The Memory Question: How Much RAM Does My VPS Need?

Posted by Joel Hans on October 12, 2017

It's the question that plagues would-be VPS buyers more than any other, save for which operating system to use, perhaps. Or which provider to go with in the first place.

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What the Heck is Self-Hosting? A Guide to ‘Owning’ Your Webapps

Posted by Joel Hans on October 03, 2017

Have an email account you log into every day? A to-do app? Maybe you have a folder in the cloud where you store and synchronize your files?

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Here’s What Every ICO Needs to Know About Server Security

Posted by Joel Hans on September 28, 2017

Protect yourself, protect your investors.

Let’s say you’re a part of a burgeoning new blockchain startup, and an initial coin offering (ICO) is on the horizon. Your company is doing all the right advertising, doing the Slack thing, making the right connections, and the website is up-and-running. You’re ready for the big day.

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The Equifax Fiasco: Here's What Devs Need to Learn

Posted by Joel Hans on September 12, 2017

It's almost impossible to have not heard of the massive Equifax data breach that was announced last week, but in short: the credit reporting agency was breached by hackers, who walked away with as many as 143 million Social Security numbers, names, and addresses. For Americans, this is nothing short of catastrophic.

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Tutorial: A More Secure Ansible Playbook, Part 2

Posted by Joel Hans on September 07, 2017

Last week, we started building out a more sophisticated Ansible provision playbook. We made it as far as hardening SSH with a few simple-but-logical edits to /etc/ssh/sshd_config, but there's still plenty more that we can do to improve the playbook's immediate functionality.

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September 2017: RamNode vs. OVH vs. HostUS vs. Dediserve vs. SSD Nodes

Posted by Joel Hans on September 05, 2017

In our last VPS comparison post, we looked at some of the biggest companies in the virtual private server (VPS) space—Vultr, Digital Ocean, and Linode—and toss in our own specifications for good measure.

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Ultimate Guide: Self-Hosted Alternatives to Cloud Apps

Posted by Joel Hans on August 31, 2017

Latest change: 2017.08.31

These are all applications that can be run using your SSD Nodes VPS for full control of your data, more customization, and reduced cost—great for startups, or anyone looking to keep costs low!

All of these options are open source and free to use.

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Tutorial: A More Secure Ansible Playbook, Part 1

Posted by Joel Hans on August 31, 2017

In our last Ansible tutorial, we covered the basics in Ansible's method of configuration management, which can help you get new servers set up faster and with more reliability. The Ansible playbook that we created there was rather basic, so I thought it was about time to build a more complex playbook that supports more security out of the box while not sacrificing in being able to access the server in the usual ways.

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10 Flat-File Content Managers to Help You Ditch Wordpress

Posted by Joel Hans on August 29, 2017

Wordpress might be the most popular way to host a website—blog or not—but it's not the only way. Because Wordpress depends on a MySQL database to store information about posts, pages, users, and comments, the technical overhead to keep things running smoothly is a little more complex than plain 'ol HTML and CSS. Having a database is another opportunity for failure, another potential attack vector, and constantly pinging a database can slow down popular websites, forcing administrators to rely on caching.

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