Ultimate Guide: Self-Hosted Alternatives to Cloud Apps

Posted by Joel Hans on June 22, 2017

Latest change: 2017.06.22

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Topics: Linux administration, SaaS platforms

5 Lessons Factorio Taught Me About Development

Posted by Joel Hans on June 21, 2017

I recently saw on thread on Reddit’s /r/webdev subreddit that asked a simple but less-than-benign question: “A lot of web dev tools as of late are like “you don’t need to code anymore!”. Doesn’t this insult you?”. This, naturally, inspired a lot of discussion—most of it was dismissive, but a portion of the responses brought up good points about the difference between learning to code something “by hand” versus having a tool automate the process for you.

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7 Free Courses to Get You Developing Today

Posted by Joel Hans on June 14, 2017

Web development is a complex business, and no one just waltzes in and starts creating complex webapps or beautifully-designed UI experiences. That only comes with practice, and a great way to jumpstart that practice is with an instructional course. Luckily, the web development and CS community is rather open to teaching others—for free—which means a bounty of free courses on just about any topic you can imagine.

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Topics: development, education

Tutorial: Configuring Firewalls Via the SSD Nodes Dashboard

Posted by Joel Hans on June 12, 2017

If you’re part of our containers preview, which are run on Virtuozzo 7, you now have access to built-in firewall management tools that help you restrict traffic and protect your VPS without spending a great deal of time trying to configure something less user-friendly, such as iptables.

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Topics: firewalls, virtuozzo 7

What We’ve Learned About Running a Beta

Posted by Joel Hans on June 08, 2017

SSD Nodes had been around for 6 years now, but we’d never run a beta—at least not on an official basis—until last month. In all honesty, that was a scary step for us to take.

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Topics: SSD Nodes

Tutorial: Using Docker and Nginx to Host Multiple Websites

Posted by Joel Hans on June 05, 2017

Docker is an excellent tool for running multiple services on a single VPS without them interfering with each other—for example, one website built on Wordpress and another built on Ghost. But, containerizing software leads to another problem that confuses many: How do I host multiple websites, each in a separate Docker container, from one VPS?

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Topics: Docker

5 Cool (and Sometimes Impractical) Things to Do With Docker

Posted by Joel Hans on May 31, 2017

If you’re part of our containers preview, you’ll have access to Docker, the container-based software that’s had people buzzing for years, now. Once you’ve gone through the installation and configuration process, you’re ready to start doing some really cool things with your VPS that are only possible because of containers.

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Topics: Docker

Tutorial: Getting Started with Docker on Your VPS

Posted by Joel Hans on May 26, 2017

On May 26, 2017, we launched a public preview of Virtuozzo 7-powered servers that support, among other things, Docker containers. We had a 24-hour sale of new servers, plus free upgrades for existing customers. If you missed the new server sale, stay tuned for the launch of the finalized system, but if you're an existing customer who wants an upgrade, simply file a support ticket and we'll take care of you.

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Topics: tutorials

Tutorial: VPS Security Audits Using Lynis

Posted by Joel Hans on May 22, 2017

We've written in the past about general security-focused steps you can take to protect your VPS, such as enabling SSH authentication or general server maintenance, but there comes a time when everyone should start taking more steps to harden their VPSs against potential attacks.

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Topics: tutorials, security

9 Tips for Maintaining Your VPS

Posted by Joel Hans on May 17, 2017

We hear this question all the time: “How do I maintain my VPS once it’s up and running?”

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